Arts Amble Participants 

Patricia Baglivi
is a retired attorney turned cake and cookie artist. Find her on Instagram and Facebook.,

Elaine Baumann
Enjoys making crochet crafts including blankets, Stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Eleanor O'Malley

is a self proclaimed dabbler in the arts working in multiple mediums, including Crafts, Fiber Arts,  Glasswork, jewelry among others.

Mia Braun is a high school senior who loves to draw and paint.

Betty Librizzi for the last 13+ years has worked mainly in oils on canvas with a few experiments in oil on wood. Betty has been re-exploring the world of acrylic and mixed-media and re-visiting her first love, watercolor. She is a long-time member of the Hackensack Art Club which was established in 1937.

Monica Chavarria is a figurative artist, but with a great expressionist-surrealist influence. Some of his paintings show a festival of trees in which human feelings are reflected through their branches that touch and hug each other. As well as another series of paintings that express the presence of Colombian culture. Popular landscapes, part of the popular imagery, and part of her personal experiences.

Jean Jeanty wrote, illustrated and self published a children's book, "Look Daddy Look". His art is inspired by graffiti, cityscapes, history, and the everyday struggles of ordinary people. Today, he creates art everyday as a way to express his innermost feelings and to encourage others with messages of hope and positivity. 

Lissanne Lake has been a full time freelance illustrator for over thirty five years. She has done art for well over  two hundred book covers, including covers for best-selling authors such as Terry Pratchett, Thomas Disch, Raymond Buckland & David Bischoff.  In addition, Lissanne has created hundreds of other paintings for magazines and game products and other publications.She published her own tarot deck jointly with Raymond Buckland, the Buckland Romani Tarot, for which she did all the art.

John Zollo is self-employed as an Art Director focusing on creating customized advertising campaigns for both local clients along with large international household brands. Working with companies such as Fuji, Blackmagic Design and Cannon, he has brought a bunch of products to market bringing education and eye catching graphics to the forefront of the industry. 

Outside of his professional work, John is also the President of the Rutherford Art Association, where he helps further education of the fine arts through empowerment programs for art enthusiasts of any age while showcasing the works of his members at local galleries.

Kristina Vilenskiy  uses different medias such as acrylic on canvas and acrylic on glass with accents such as crystals, marbles and mirror.

Abstract and non representational style is a preference for Kristina, but she also creates nature scenes and portraits. Vibrant color combinations and bold style is what Kristina is known for. Her style is fun, modern and unique. Her goal is to bring positive energy and happiness into a room for everyone to enjoy.

Karen Schmelz I taught music in Hackensack for 30 years, and have always enjoyed crafting and working with my hands. Upon retirement, I started working with used teapots, goblets and other metal things to repurpose them into birdhouses, and feeders, as well as wind chimes, and oil lamps. From old sugar bowls I am making artificial cactus gardens. I also make beaded lanyards.

Carin Loeffel Is a love artist who  loves being creative..

She brings a sense of peace with in her.. Carin loves when someone says they can feel the piece

Barry Shiff: My subject matter is Nostalgic Historic New Jersey, and NY I bring back memories of the good old days. Traditional paintings of old Railroad Station, Towns, Boardwalks, and Amusement Parks.

Sabrina Blenner focuses on usable art and wanted to break the rules of stereotypical art.

Going to galleries and observing is nice but getting to break the rules and have art pieces you can utilize, touch, and that functionality has been her favorite pieces to create. 

Sabrina focuses on beer, wine, and drink accessories as well as keychains, small ring dishes & pots so that folks of all ages can enjoy my art. 

Danielle Fleites is a artist and art teacher that dabbles in many forms of art such as acrylic painting, woodburning, and drawing, but mainly focuses on digital art. She likes to create cute artwork that is colorful and bright.